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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Messenger

My search for accomodation in Brisbane ended yesterday, when I accepted a room in a 4-bedroom townhouse in Robertson. It's in a great position at the foot of the hill on which the uni stands, close to shops, cheap, with all the right facilities including broadband internet. The girl sounds very friendly, and her boyfriend is studying Film/TV. She's from Zimbabwe and he's from Norway and a girl from Mackay is tipped to take the other room. I'd been celebrating all afternoon.

Today I get a call from my brother. He knows the girl, she's a complete ditz: clothes and boys only. I didn't have to take his word for it, either. A friend of his that I met recently (and found to be the most charming, open and bubbly person I know) reinforced the image: 'Yeah, M's a complete bitch'.

That's the sound of my bubble bursting.

And boy, did I hate my brother at that point. I'm at one of the most stressful points in my life, and all he can do is laugh at my situation. I didn't speak much during that phone call.

At this rate, I reckon I should just find myself an apartment and fly solo. That would feel wonderful...

...but of course there are other, more social options. I had my eye on a sharehouse maybe 10-15 mins walk from the uni. It's a 9-bedroom house, ideally with 5 guys upstairs and 4 girls downstairs, but there were only 3-4 guys at last check (no girls). The house itself seems small, but has character and a verandah, and I like the feel of it. I'll be checking to see if there are still rooms available tomorrow, and if not, I'll be looking out for that apartment.


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