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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Listmaker Alert: T-Shirts

A week or so ago, I took a shirt inventory. Just gathered up every top of mine that I could lay my hands on and transferred their essences to the computer by way of typing a brief description, e.g.,"Blue, KickBoy, Rugged". I carefully categorised and gave each shirt it's purpose - only to be worn for formal dinners, or as a paint shirt, etc. And finally, I managed to part with some old shirts that really needed to be parted with.

First was my high school sports top. I'd imagined I would wear it every now and then as a pyjama top, but hadn't counted on the suffocating nature of the beast. None too comfortable.

Next was the old greying hand-me-down Santa-Claus-And-Elvis humorous cartoon joke shirt. Once in a while was a too short a while.

Third was the shirt the choir mutilated in order to get the audience for the song-and-dance section to take pity on us, because we weren't going to win any other way. I was going to wear it for 'bad shirt night' once, but decided that some things are just too horrendous to qualify.

Lastly (because I couldn't bear to see it go) was my holy old purple surfie-hippie t-shirt. It completed my daggy ensemble (long scruffy hair, scruffy beard, paint-stained jeans and blue flip-flops).

So farewell to dear old constricting school nostalgia, my disintegrating hippie costume, Old Corney Claus and The Abomination.


Blogger Casyn said...

I remember when T&C was sooooo cool! Everyone who was trying to be cool would have the logo scribbled on all of their books. Rusty and Billabong were also popular, with the coolest being the Stussy 'S'.

I remember the lengths choirs would go to to win. We tended to rely on talent. Which is why we never won.

12:55 am  
Blogger Draic said...

I think I missed the wave of rusty/billabong, but I definitely remember my bro sketching rusty's and stussy's and t&c's all over his pencilcase. It took me a while to get why his design was all over brands of clothing as well. ;-)

I think I remember how stussy looked, but I can't get rusty to look right. Meh.

RMU is not a fun example of a choir. The other ones I'd been in - at school and in the Emerald Town Choir - were more fun, and had songs we actually enjoyed singing. And I'd never even heard of the 'theatrical' section before RMU!

1:42 pm  

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