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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Heart Or (But Not And) Mind

I've always had trouble with tests that try to tell me whether I'm more emotional or rational - heart vs. mind. I think I've realised why.

I think I have emotional and rational qualities in two different states of mind, completely seperate from each other.

There are times when I just lose myself in a tedious and detailed task. (E.g., media player!!) I don't get 'bored' of these tasks, and neither do I get a rush of achievement or satisfaction. I just keep at it until I stop.

On the flip side, social interactions with me tend to be emotion-based. I'm a listener; I react emotionally - 'oh my god', 'ouch!', 'you're kidding', etc. But if I'm having a good time, I have trouble remembering facts about anything (eg, names, dates) - which sometimes renders me pretty much speechless during conversation as I can't think of anything to say.

I can't think of anything that stimulates me mentally and emotionally.

If this is true, I will never rate any job highly under job satisfaction. Ouch.


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