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Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Lure of Nothing Much

Does anyone else have some little project that you go to work on just so you feel like you're keeping busy (i.e., faffing)?

My 'project' is my computer's music library.

I tend to play music constantly, so it's only right that I should have a well-organised system that allows me to match songs to my mood.

With Mindows Media Player, there are a lot of criteria under which you can enter information about your songs: Personal Rating, Title, Track Number, Length, Artist, Genre, Album, Album Artist, Composer, Conductor, Label, etc. There are even two Custom columns so you can put in any extra information. Surely with all this you could quickly find any kind of song you wish for?

Not enough for me. I want to put in things like whether the track is instrumental or vocal, if it is from a musical and which musical it comes from, and whether or not I have another copy of the same song (remixed, or covered by another band, etc).

(Recently I discovered that the 'search' option only searches the five main columns: Title, Artist, Album, Album Artist and Genre. So now I'm trying to cram all this information into the Genre column so I can put the search option to good use.)

So I keep thinking up all these new ways to organise the music, and then attempting to attatch information to all 2054 music tracks (at last count).

It takes forever, and it is never really completed, because by the time I'm halfway through, I will change my mind or think of some extra quality I want to include, and so I just start again.

I went from midnight to 3am this morning just going through tracks and typing in information. Because of that, I woke late and missed the opportunity to see a good movie with a good friend.

And though it severely annoys me when I waste my own time and miss out on good opportunities, I know that I will keep coming back to Media Player, trying again and again to construct the perfect system.


Blogger Pickwick said...

Hehehehe - I can just imagine you doing this! Keep at it, I say. Strive for perfection! It's a part of what makes you so uniquely you!

2:44 pm  
Blogger Violet said...

Gawd, that sounds librarian-like!

4:54 pm  
Blogger Draic said...

I like to organise and shelve books and do filing and filter messes into neat piles - it is very librarian-like. I get it from my mother - a librarian, incidently!

1:54 am  

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