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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Movie Week: "2 Fast, 2 Furious"

Not my choice, I swear - it was on the 'ignore list' when I saw the previews, and I'd missed the first movie completely. However, my sister (who HAS seen the first) had been plagued by favourable reviews from her friends, and so the movie worked it's way into the pile.

I found myself surprised by the movie. Mostly because it actually had a decent plot - although it was a very basic, no frills plot which I'm sure was designed to link the various car stunt scenes rather than for any enjoyment in and of itself. It was funny how obvious everything was - i.e., no subtly constructed, unexpected twists. It was sort of refreshing!

Of course, there were parts that were just ridiculous - for example, the scene on the bridge where the 'sidekick' reflects on his past - not that it was handled badly, just that it was the only point in the whole movie where someone was 'reflecting', instead of just pushing the story along. Also, two of the minor fight scenes - the two guys rolling around on the ground when they first meet, and the scene where they're both kicking the shit out of a guy when he's down - I was just laughing at those two and how ridiculous it all was.

Hmm... Actually, that's pretty much all I can say about it. I'm not a 'car' person and I don't identify with the 'what up, dawg?' characters. I have no desire to ever see this movie again, except as a reference for the typical 'guy movie' - it would be interesting to compare to an equally typical 'chick flick'.

So what will I take out of this experience? Torture by rat.


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