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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Movie Week: "Duets"

I actually didn't manage to catch all of this movie because of the horrible skipping and 'unable to read disc's that occurred throughout the second half.

However, what I did see really surprised me. From what I'd seen (mostly in the video clips for 'Cruisin' and 'Bette Davis Eyes'), I assumed Duets was a lighthearted romance between Gwyneth Paltrow's and Scott Speedman's characters, with some added father/daughter drama via Huey Lewis.

I was right about the 'father' part.

The film is called 'Duets' because it is about three pairings of (seemingly) horribly matched people - an estranged father/daughter relationship (Gwyneth Paltrow/Huey Lewis), a disillusioned white salesman with a black (ex?)crim (Andre Braugher/Paul Giamatti), and a daring, open, overtly sexual woman with an underachieving taxi driver who wanted to be a priest (Maria Bello/Scott Speedman).

The film's name is also relevant because each pair, for whatever reasons, are headed to the national karaoke championships, and the $5000 prize.

And although paths do cross, and Gwyneth and Scott's characters do meet and seem attracted to eachother, the movie seems to be about each pair rather than any central, unified whole.

I enjoyed what I saw of this movie, thanks to the interesting and comical interplay between characters from vastly different backgrounds. Life-changing meetings, all of them.

I just wish I could have seen the rest of the movie!!

~ Draic

P.S. Huey Lewis at times reminded me strongly of Bill Murray. Has anyone else noticed this?


Blogger Pickwick said...

I've always had a soft-spot for the idea of watching this flick - which I haven't done yet.

I think you told me more about it than I've ever picked up before. Ta! I still want to see it, too.

Have a good weekend!

11:09 pm  

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