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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Now We Are Six

Trying again to sort through a stack of papers my parents keep about me, I was given pause by the report cards dating right back to Grade One. I opened and read through that very first report, and was rather stunned to realise how much of my personality was apparant when I was barely six:

'Draic is a very courteous listener.'
'His story writing is of a very high standard.'
'Draic is an EXCELLENT reader.' (Teacher's emphasis)
'Draic has a great grasp of mathematical concepts and applies them well.'
'Draic shows a caring concern towards his peers.'
'When Draic is interested he works extremely well independently.' (My emphasis)

I was surprised by:
'Draic expresses himself well and speaks clearly'
because I don't think of myself that way at all...

The areas I was not marked high on were:
- Neatness of handwriting
- Participation in Physical Education/Games/Health
The following were ticked under 'Usually' (As opposed to 'Always'):
- Follows directions
- Is Courteous and Considerate
- Keeps work very neat and tidy
- Takes care of books and materials
- Prepares for school each day

I never managed to master the art of cursive handwriting, never really found interest in P.E., and never seem to be prepared for anything. Also, I've never tried to pretend to be interested in something when I'm not. :-)


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