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Monday, May 02, 2005

The Cost of Learning

The first semester of Microelectronic Engineering at Griffith was NOT worth $2996. The Maths class was revision from start to finish, we're still doing very basic formulas for Electrical Circuits, the 'Generic Skills' class is kinda a joke, and I'm sure I could pull everything I learned in Physics straight from a textbook.
Okay, so the semester isn't over yet, but I just saw the accounts and it's not great for someone who isn't even sure they're in the right course. $2996 is what I live on for four months - and with my expensive lifestyle :b ...
Now I don't feel like going out today. Maybe next week, once I have some more money...


Blogger Violet said...

Geez, that sounds like a lot of money for one semester, especially if you haven't learned anything new.

Or maybe you're just really clever.

5:53 pm  
Blogger Draic said...

A little of column A... :)

I did take Maths C, so the maths that we're re-learning is even more annoying. But I never took any physics classes, so I should be way behind all these people who took physics knowing they wanted to be engineers in school. (Actually, I have no idea if I am behind or not).

I guess it's not necessarily a bad idea to have revision classes to start things up, but they should cost less!

7:38 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

They should be optional, if you can pass an exam or something to prove you already know it. Maths recap bored me silly also, but it was only one semester all said and done.

11:58 pm  

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