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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Trick, Brick and Dick

I live in My Place with three other guys.
Trick was the only guy still living here when I moved in, as one guy had moved out recently and another was actually in the process of moving out, as I found out on Day 2. Anyway, Trick was the guy to give the greeting as me and Dad walked in the door. He's 30, very tall, slim, with a shaved head and tends towards singlets and beer. Give him an orange cap and he could almost have been the twin of a guy who worked at the theatre with me. Trick works as an IT guy for Caterpillar by day and as a DJ by night, so is almost never around. He's a pretty amiable, laid-back kind of guy. Dad seemed to get along with him well. :) He knows a fair bit about electronics, and tells me that he buys things cheap from second-hand stores that have simple problems, fixes them up, and sells them for good money. I would love to be able to do that - to have the knowledge to diagnose the problem and the skills to fix it. I hate throwing stuff away without even knowing why it stopped working.

Specimen Brick arrived on the same day I did, shortly after I'd returned from shopping. At first, (when it was me, him, our fathers and Trick) this guy reminded me of a volunteer at the theatre who'd had little social skills and the unfortunate habit of following people around only a few steps behind (which usually resulted in the followed turning around and running into him!). Fortunately, Brick isn't like that. He's quite open and chatty, and seems to always have a story to tell. He's from Chinchilla, which is a country town about 4 hours away (so he tells me - otherwise I wouldn't have a clue). He's a school-leaver (age 17-18), worked as a technical advisor for people with computer troubles, and is studying to be a primary school teacher. He's a fan of Home & Away and Blue Heelers, and by his own admission watches too much TV. He also is a habitual spender when it comes to his computer - we've laughed over how he says he's trying to stop himself and then talks about the next gadget that would make things so much easier. He listens to a particular radio station which seems to only play feelgood upbeat music, which I often find myself unexpectedly singing along to. It hasn't become annoying as yet because I play such varied music so often that it hasn't been the dominant musical style reaching my ears. The only part that gets on my nerves is when he plays the new remixed version of Belinda Carlisle's "Summer Rain". I've loved the original for a long long time and I can't stand the new one. Fortunately I have the original on my own computer and can override the other. :-)

Lastly is Dick, who moved in maybe a week and a bit ago. He's Norwegian, 28-29, bald, and studying genetics. He kind of unnerves me just because he has this sort of aura of confidence and piercing blue eyes and his generic expression is a sort of half-smile that I can't always read. But he seems a pretty cool guy (especially because he's getting the internet set up for us - ADSL networked through the house). He has two desktop computers and a laptop (I'm not sure why), he's the only one of us who has a car, and yet he prefers to ride to university. Oh, and he may or may not own a huge plush toy replica of Kermit the Frog which has appeared in the doorway to our TV room.

(For anyone who still remembers my description of the house, Brick and Trick have the rooms nearest the kitchen, Brick and Dick have rooms connecting to the veranda, and Dick's room is between mine and Brick's.)

A very motley crew aboard this ship, but I guess beggars can't be choosers. These guys will do. :)


Blogger Pickwick said...

I wonder how they'd describe you, Draic...

9:28 pm  
Anonymous Lara said...

you'll get to know them and they won't be so strange. :D
They seem like nice guys.
You have girls downstairs now don't you?

10:56 pm  
Blogger Draic said...

Describe me? That would be interesting. Probably random and musical. :)
And yep, there are real live girls in the basement, uh, downstairs. I'll probably post on them once I get to know them a bit better.

2:14 pm  

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