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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Day Zero

Here it is; the moment is almost upon me.
12:42 am, which means that today is the day that I leave my home and go to Brisbane. (Car trip. Fun.)
Tomorrow I will be moving in to my new house (the 9-bedroom one I mentioned earlier).
Tuesday is orientation at the uni (though I won't even be orientated with the house at that point)
Next week is start of term. (I'm still doing Microelectronics... for now)

I'm almost fully packed. All I have left to do is dismantle the chair I'm sitting on, and pack this computer into its newly-emptied boxes (after I remove the dog, who took great interest and decided to sleep in one of them for the night).

In honour of this new stage of my life, I plan to start a new blog (or perhaps just alter this one). I think 'Rights To Inconsistency' is very appropriate, and the only title that has stuck with me. Unfortunately, if I do manage to write for said blog, no-one will know about it for an unknown space of time, because although there is a phone/internet line in my new room, I will have to get it re-connected myself. No idea how long that will take. If any further developments, um, develop, you'll hear about it here first.

Love and thanks and sleep to all!


Blogger Ben said...

Good luck there, you'll do great :)
You'll get net access at uni for sure, no excuse not to blog. Plus there are net cafes in the city and plenty of other local bloggers (loggers? perhaps not ...)

9:35 pm  
Blogger verbs said...

Yeah...have fun. By the time you read this you'll already be there.

Phone lines don't take too long to connect. :)

7:52 pm  

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