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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I was walking around unknown areas of Brisbane today, and realising just how different houses are. Some houses are run-down and overgrown. Some houses are crammed into ridiculously small spaces. Some houses have very nice paint jobs but horrible structure. Some houses are on top of a hill but their view is obscured by all the other houses.
My dream house is two storeys high, on top of a hill or mountain, with a spectacular view of the sky and the land. I don't want any houses or trees blocking my view to the horizon. I don't want trees cluttering the view either. Between the house and the view I want a flat grassy area for sitting, reflecting, and holding parties. I want neighbours - other houses close by, but none blocking the view for any other, and as few fences as decently possible. I want trees nearby, shady and good for climbing. I want a skylight/window in the roof, so that I can still see the sky when indoors.

I want one of the types of flowering trees I've seen dotted around Brisbane. Its flowers are a deep, rich purple, and they are heartachingly beautiful.

I want a girl with hair like the one that sat on the bus in front of me today. Her hair was long and dark brown, but streaked with lighter shades. Moments would make it seem tinted red, or burgundy, or black. I wanted to touch her hair, to stroke it, to feel her hair against my cheek and her head on my chest.

I want someone to be there with me. Someone who understands that more than her words, I need her presence to show me that everything is all right, that I am not alone. That I am not empty. That I am not meaningless.

Such is loneliness.


Blogger Ben said...

Ah the university student's lot in life is not an easy one %)

would those trees be Jacarandas? I suspect not, as they are more lavender than deep purple, and flower at exam time, not now, but worth mentioning coz it's good luck to study under them. unless a flower lands on your head. that, apparently, means you will fail...

11:43 pm  
Blogger onanymous said...

Strange. Here in Pretoria (they call us the Jacaranda City)it is good luck to have a flower land on your head during exams, since it will help you pass. :)

4:09 pm  
Blogger Draic said...

I don't think I'd recognise a jacaranda if I saw one! Though I probably would if it was pointed out to me. So I guess that's a no, Ben. I took a few photos the other day - I'll try to post one and see if someone recognises it.
Having studied little and mostly indoors, I haven't even had the possibility of a flower falling on my head - which is probably a good thing until I decide if it's good luck or not!

2:18 pm  

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