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Monday, June 06, 2005

Moving On

I'm taking a break from Blogger for awhile. The reason I'm giving warning this time instead of just popping out of existence as per usual is that I may not be back again - I'm trying out the new MSN Spaces dealio, as it seems to be easier to tinker with (tho not as extensively) and will probably be updated more often, as I'm on MSN (Messenger) more often than in blogger.

So, my new space, with photos as well as words, is here. If you want to keep in touch, that's where I'll be.

If I don't hear from myself at this account (blogger) within a month, I can safely assume I've been converted, and will delete the account.

So goodbye (sort of), although I will hopefully still be heard from in blogger circles. Thank you to my little readership. It means a lot to me that a few people will brave my incoherency! :)

Best wishes
- Draic


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