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Friday, October 29, 2004

Everything to Music!

I never thought I'd see the day a book like this became a musical!

Not that I've read the book, but I imagine it would be just as weird as similar books by the same author.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

An Ex-RPGamer

I am a gamer. Computer and console... I've played a lot of games. Enough to think that I'd know what I mean when I say I'm an RPGamer, or Role-Playing Game-r.

But I realised only recently that I had the genre all wrong. See, I thought that Role-Playing Games were about playing as characters, and uncovering stories - that's what I enjoy about games.

FPS (First-person Shooter) games are not focussed on stories. Combat games are not focussed on stories. Racing games are not focussed on stories. Each of these genres, and all others that I can name, have a specific twist of gameplay that gives them their name. First-person shooting games are 'about' simulated shooting. Combat games are about pretending to be in combat. Racing games are about the racing.

Role-playing games, it turns out, are about leveling up. Do something (usually fight monsters), gain points, use points to improve your avatar (your game-world representative). This is what people play the game for.

I shouldn't be surprised. It's just that I've thought about the phrase 'role-playing game' and could only conclude that the game was to 'play a role'. Sounds like virtual acting. And that sounds like fun to me. You can currently 'play the role' of a character within the storyline of a game, but I'd love to have a game where you have the freedom to fully explore the possibilities of a self-created personality.

But as RPGs are focussed neither on playing a role nor telling a story, it suddenly gets a lot more difficult to find games that I will enjoy.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Or Maybe And After All

Okay, so I've only just posted, but I've thought of one thing that does stimulate me both mentally and emotionally.

Stories. Particularly in written form, so I can consider the author's style and turn on the spelling radar while I think about the themes of the book and make a connection with the characters.

However, it doesn't seem to work when I try to write stories. If I try to plan something, the emotions click off and it stops being rewarding. If I don't plan something, it becomes unintelligible.

It does work with editing, though... I have only limited experience in the area, but I like to help people work through their stories. I have to be mentally active in order to be critical, and am emotionally active because it's a story! Characters and emotions!

So maybe there's some hope for me after all.

Heart Or (But Not And) Mind

I've always had trouble with tests that try to tell me whether I'm more emotional or rational - heart vs. mind. I think I've realised why.

I think I have emotional and rational qualities in two different states of mind, completely seperate from each other.

There are times when I just lose myself in a tedious and detailed task. (E.g., media player!!) I don't get 'bored' of these tasks, and neither do I get a rush of achievement or satisfaction. I just keep at it until I stop.

On the flip side, social interactions with me tend to be emotion-based. I'm a listener; I react emotionally - 'oh my god', 'ouch!', 'you're kidding', etc. But if I'm having a good time, I have trouble remembering facts about anything (eg, names, dates) - which sometimes renders me pretty much speechless during conversation as I can't think of anything to say.

I can't think of anything that stimulates me mentally and emotionally.

If this is true, I will never rate any job highly under job satisfaction. Ouch.

Over-thinking: Sunnies

I don't like sunglasses. I know they're supposed to be to protect your eyes, but of course they're more than a tool; they're a fashion statement.

Why are sunglasses cool? I think it's because they mask your eyes. Eyes are sometimes called 'windows to the soul' and are one of the major factors in reading facial expressions. Hiding your eyes muffles your expressions, making you appear emotionless or impassive, and isn't that what being 'cool' is?

I don't want to wear sunnies because I don't like how they hide your emotions. I'm an expressive person. I can't make a connection with someone unemotional, and I'd assume the same is true for other people.

I guess the simple answer is to get a pair with tinted lenses instead of reflective ones.

But the reflective ones look so cool! (sigh)