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Friday, December 03, 2004

Who I Am: Possibility

I spend forever to decide on anything. I like to 'hear both sides of the tale', and consider all options before deciding. All options.
And once I decide something, it is far from set in concrete. My opinions and priorities change, and so I will repeat the process again and again, under a different light and through different eyes each time.

I am a professional drifter; I do whatever grabs my attention at the time. If I don't complete a task as soon as possible, something else will capture my mind and I'll lose the motivation to do the first thing - meaning that I'll often leave things unfinished.
I don't like to be tied down and wrapped up in routine; yet, like most people, I stick to what I'm comfortable with. Isn't that a way of tying myself down?

I have the potential to be a jack of all trades; I could choose to study just about anything, and do it well. But I don't feel like there are many things that could keep my attention long enough for me to master the skills. But I want to develop skills that will allow me to do something that is new, that is only me. I want to create and explore, not just imitate.


Blogger Ben said...

School would have been torture for you then, learning about all those great discoveries and inventions that have already happened. Not like you can hop in a boat and discover the world is round, or find a new continent. Still, inventing maybe, ... :)

1:29 pm  

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