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Saturday, December 04, 2004


No, this is not another post on how nakedness causes you to lose concentration.

This is a post on how nakedness causes you to GAIN concentration. heh heh heh...

No, not in the way you're thinking.

I spent most of today (starting at about 1am, actually) clearing out my room of anything festive or decorative, acting under the theory that I am doing so little because I lack focus and get distracted too easily.

Now if I'm in the middle of something and I look around the room, all I can see are other projects that I need to finish. So whatever I do, I'll be productive!

(Sigh) It's so boring.


Blogger Casyn said...

I was told something very wise while at uni. It was from a totally unexpected source. She said to create defiined areas for work, rest and play. Thus be able to fully focus on each activity properly.
(I was having issues sleeping after studying)

A hard thing to do in one room really. Balance is the key. Definately something not found in my room.

1:45 am  
Blogger Draic said...

That's what I was thinking when I decided to do this horrible, horrible thing.
I'm not quite sure how I'd create a seperate area for rest, but it definitely wouldn't have my computer in it - I can't stand the low humming, even if there's relaxing music over the top of it.

11:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It definitely wouldn't work in Casyn's room!

Is it working in yours?

I have, in the past few days, reorganised furniture to create a new study for myself. I have room and organisation, and a desk that feels functional. So far. And, okay, it's holidays, but I see the potential, okay? Does it help me to sleep better? Not yet. I will be using new bedlinen next week, perhaps that will make the difference...

8:42 pm  
Blogger Casyn said...

I think any attempt to work in the same room as a bed is a bad plan, but most of us don't have a choice.

The only balance to be found in my room is in the piles of books.

10:54 pm  

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